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Enter your first and last name along with your property address. In the next step we will present you with the closest matches.

If you are a tenant (non-owner) or a non-resident and haven't purchased an online item with Bourne before, you will have the option on the next page.

There is a 4.5% transaction fee for online transactions, or minimum of $1.50, whichever is greater.
The following is a list of documents you may need to take a picture of or scan and upload for you to make your purchase and/or to provide proof of residency – All transactions are subject to approval:

Parking Permits: Vehicle registration is required. If your vehicle is leased or rented, you will also need a copy of the lease or rental agreement demonstrating that you are the person renting the car. If it is a company car, please provide a business card, if your company, or supporting letter from the company that you are authorized personal use of the vehicle. Replacement Stickers will only be issued when a photo of the scraped off sticker originally issued is shown, or suitable documentation that the sticker is destroyed & no longer in use.

Shellfish Permits: Driver's License or similar official ID is required - Date of Birth must be shown. If that does not list your proper or Town address, the following showing your name and Bourne address may be used: Utility bills, copy of deed, rental agreement, or another legal document. Massachusetts Resident Veterans must provide valid documentation such as a DD214 as proof of Veteran status. Shellfish Permit info:

Mooring Transactions: Generally, an application is required with payment, as well as supporting documentation. Please check the Mooring Documents section of our web site to review the FAQ, forms & instructions prior to completing a transaction on this site.